Among the types of properties that may contain underground storage tanks and pollution associated with them, gasoline stations are the most pervasive in New York City, Long Island and elsewhere. Automobiles are everywhere and so are gasoline stations (and former gasoline stations). Many that were built decades ago contain corroding underground storage tanks (USTs) that held gasoline and other toxic substances.

Because UST leakage can potentially contaminate soil and groundwater, business owners and purchasers of properties that have been gasoline station sites often face cleanup challenges. In the case of a confirmed oil or gas spill involving a UST, retaining experience legal counsel will be essential. Reporting and clean up requirements and other legal factors figure into the need for knowledgeable attorneys to represent UST owners and operators.

At Periconi, LLC, clients work with lawyers who are well-equipped to advise on issues related to environmental contamination from USTs, including:

  • Environmental site assessments (ESAs)
  • New York City volunteer cleanup program participation
  • Environmental enforcement defense
  • Defense when citizens file lawsuits over contamination
  • Oil and gas spill remediation
  • Environmental provisions and cost allocations in terms of sale
  • Claims by adjacent landowners
  • Managing liability risks from contamination

Property owners and businesses need information and guidance on compliance, remediation and mitigation efforts related to USTs on gasoline station properties. Liability insurance, letters of credit, purchase-sale provisions and participation in government-sponsored cleanup programs are examples of legal solutions to the problem of UST management.

Environmental lawyer James J. Periconi is a former environmental prosecutor with the New York State Attorney General's Environmental Protection Bureau, a former assistant New York County prosecutor, a former chief of hazardous waste enforcement or the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and a former Chair of the Environmental Law Section of the New York State Bar Association. He and the other lawyers at Periconi, LLC are prepared to advise any property owner, business owner, purchaser or seller of any commercial property containing underground storage tanks.

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