Reducing Environmental Risk

Providing A Whole Host Of Environmental Investigation Services

The environmental law attorneys at Periconi, LLC, in New York City, provide valuable information and advocacy for businesses and real estate investors. Legal counsel is often essential in connection with a variety of matters, including:

Limited or focused environmental investigations: When a government agency, a site development plan or a lawsuit calls for an investigation into very specific environmental factors, a review of the situation by an attorney is wise insurance against unexpected liability. Or the client may contemplate purchasing an operating industrial facility, in which case a compliance audit (to determine permit completeness and history, including enforcement issues) must be performed. Periconi, LLC, advises developers requiring investigations into site location issues, past ownership, borings, wells, soil chemistry and other issues, and warns potential operators of industrial facilities of problems so significant as to reconsider the acquisition, and at the very least to warrant attention and remedying.

Soil vapor investigations: Knowledgeable environmental lawyers can guide developers who must address existing and potential human exposures to contaminated subsurface vapors associated with known or suspected volatile chemical contamination.

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) used to find underground tanks and other “anomalies”: Experienced environmental lawyers at Periconi, LLC, help property developers understand the significance of the results of GPR surveys. Among the goals is to obtain documentation to the satisfaction of government agencies and other entities requiring due diligence regarding underground storage tanks.

Asbestos-containing materials investigations: It is not enough to investigate and remediate properties or building materials containing asbestos. Complying with reporting and documentation requirements is also essential. It is important to work with reputable asbestos investigators who have not been penalized for incomplete records, improper or inadequate surveys or assessments, or submittal of false statement or false documentation.

Lead-based paint investigations: This type of investigation is a critical requirement for rebuilders and renovators working on residential structures, particularly, or historic buildings or sites of buildings known to contain lead-based paint.

The Types Of Environmental Investigation Your Business Confronts

Environmental lawyers of Periconi, LLC, bring extensive knowledge and experience to any investigation related to property and business in New York City or elsewhere in the state, or elsewhere. Contact the law firm today or call 646-733-4487. The firm can advise on the above and other investigations having to do with business and environmental issues.