Reducing Environmental Risk

Wetlands Permits In New York

Periconi, LLC • Assisting Property Owners In Developing Properties In Or Adjacent To Wetlands Areas

In New York state, designated wetlands areas come under special protections. When a commercial or residential property owner seeks to take on any development project adjacent to or technically within a wetlands area, or the adjacent area or buffer zone, the first steps typically involve getting approval from the Army Corps of Engineers, and obtaining a permit from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC). As with any environmental permit, the process for obtaining wetlands development permits may be fairly cumbersome, involving the preparation of complex biological analyses and other paperwork and must often be based on environmental impact statements. At Periconi, LLC, experienced attorneys can assist in filing for any federal, state or local permits required for the completion of any development project involving wetlands. For a consultation, contact Periconi, LLC .

State Permits May Be Required For Many Major Or Minor Development Projects Within The Bounds Of A Designated Wetlands Area.

According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, minor projects may include:

  • Building a new dock or wharf
  • Drilling single-family water wells
  • Taking action that may disturb beavers or other wetlands wildlife
  • Enlarging existing buildings on a pier or dock

Examples of major projects include:

  • Building residential homes or commercial facilities
  • Enlarging a home from a one-story to a two-story structure
  • Draining wetlands areas
  • Clear-cutting native wetlands plants and vegetation
  • Dredging significant amounts of silt and sand

Defending Wetlands Permit Holders

For clients who currently hold a permit, Periconi, LLC, will defend against government enforcement actions accusing them of acting without a permit or violating (by enlarging the scope of activities) their existing permits. Periconi, LLC, provides aggressive defense against civil and criminal enforcement actions. For experienced representation and defense, contact the New York wetlands permit lawyers of Periconi, LLC, today.