Reducing Environmental Risk

Helping Companies Maintain Approved Environmental Practices

At the request of corporate boards, Periconi, LLC, has investigated allegations of internal civil and criminal corporate wrongdoing in a company’s internal environmental affairs. The primary goals of such an investigation are to determine exactly what happened, to separate the acts of individuals from the acts of the corporation as a whole, and to determine the relevant circumstances of the acts of individuals. For more information on conducting such an investigation, or for a thorough New York corporate environmental compliance review of your business, contact Periconi, LLC, for a consultation.

The Complex Nature Of Internal Investigations

Internal investigations such as these can become very complex. On occasion, they lead into full-fledged criminal investigations. Several environmental criminal defense attorneys must be retained separately to represent the corporation, corporate officers and high-level managers of environmental affairs. The firm’s principal, James Periconi, is one of the very few environmental attorneys in New York with experience as a prosecutor of environmental crimes. Sometimes such investigations simply result in recommendations on improving company-wide corporate environmental compliance. The experienced lawyers of Periconi, LLC, work to help companies maintain good environmental practices and avoid enforcement actions.

The most common matters of noncompliance involve improper disposal of regulated wastes. Floor managers or company officers who order the discharge of chemical pollutants into the water supply may face the possibility of serious criminal enforcement actions, as well as the corporations themselves. Similarly, the disposal of hazardous waste among bins of regular trash could trigger severe fines and penalties by an environmental enforcement agency. When it comes to matters of corporate environmental compliance, business clients require environmental counsel such as the attorneys of Periconi, LLC, who can assist in identifying weaknesses in the corporate waste disposal procedures of companies large or small, sensitive to the potential for environmental crimes, and thus particularly qualified to help businesses avoid or mitigate prosecution.

Providing Knowledgeable Guidance

For a consultation to discuss a full-scale internal investigation to assess your company’s environmental compliance, contact Periconi, LLC, today by calling 646-733-4487.