Reducing Environmental Risk

Essential Due Diligence And Management Of Risks Concerning Contamination

Owners, operators, buyers and sellers of commercial properties face significant technical and legal challenges in addition to financial concerns when contamination is likely. Approaching a real estate transaction or carrying out operations on a problematic property requires due diligence and planning. Assessing and managing liability risks from contamination should include testing and remediation with regard to:

  • Known or suspected environmental contamination on the site
  • The historical use of hazardous substances on or near the site
  • Known or suspected natural resources damages
  • Environmental liens
  • Review of activity on or near the site such as use of, disposal of or transport of hazardous waste
  • Cleanup provisions and cost allocations
  • Contamination of soil, air and water
  • Groundwater and soil vapor quality and risks

Reputation For Sound Representation

Parties of commercial real estate transactions in or near New York City often look to Periconi, LLC, for counsel and representation. The environmental law attorneys at this law firm have held positions in federal and state regulatory agencies. They have assisted countless business owners and real estate investors through the legal processes associated with environmental laws and liability risks for owners of contaminated property. They advise on selection of environmental professionals, interviews with current and past owners and occupants, review of historic sources, activity records and government records, and legal analysis in light of up-to-date environmental laws.

Before Buying Or Selling Commercial Real Estate

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