Reducing Environmental Risk

Environmental Claims By Or Against Adjacent Property Owners And Other Parties

It is not enough for a law firm to possess knowledge of environmental laws such as the federal Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA). An owner, seller or purchaser of commercial property with known environmental risks must seek out an attorney with proven litigation skills. The attorneys of Periconi, LLC, in Manhattan, have demonstrated their knowledge and proficiency in the courtroom and out on behalf of parties bringing claims of environmental negligence.

Claims Against Prior Owners And Adjacent Property Owners

The civil litigation firm represents property owners as plaintiffs and defendants. Attorneys advocate for clients bringing or defending against damage claims and lawsuits in New York City and elsewhere. Claims have to do with:

  • Compliance with or violation of local, state and federal environmental regulations
  • Completion or lack thereof of cleanup of hazardous waste
  • Diminution of property values through environmental mismanagement
  • Permanent injury to real property through mismanagement of hazardous waste
  • Presence of ground water or soil vapor contamination on a property or at property lines with adjacent properties

The law firm’s legacy of knowledgeable counsel in all areas of business environmental laws makes it a logical choice for buyers, sellers or owners of commercial real estate. When these parties must bring a claim or defend against a lawsuit, they depend on Periconi, LLC, to fight vigorously for their rights. A track record of success in environmental law matters in New York City speaks of the readiness of the lawyers to take on any challenging litigation matter.

For Advice And Guidance In Environmental Litigation

Contact Periconi, LLC, in New York City, at 646-733-4487 or by email to discuss a potential or ongoing claim against a prior owner or an adjacent property owner.