Reducing Environmental Risk

Where Dry Cleaners, Junk Yards And Metal Plating Facilities Operated

Commercial properties that contain or used to contain dry cleaners, junk yards and metal plating facilities nearly always present legal and logistical challenges to owners, purchasers and sellers. These types of businesses are notorious for leaving behind contamination of soil, water and air. This is why you need to insure disclosures by sellers as part of environmental due diligence during property transactions. For property owners and prospective purchasers of such properties in and around New York City, Periconi, LLC, is a reliable source of information and advocacy related to commercial property transactions involving dry cleaners, junk yards and metal plating facilities.

Before You Buy Commercial Property Of These Type Of Facilities

Contact our lawyers in Manhattan for information and help regarding:

  • Dry cleaners: These are perhaps the single greatest source of significant liability for property purchases because improper disposal by dry cleaners of waste perchloroethylene (“perc”) or PCE was common for decades; PCE is a highly targeted chemical of concern for both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC).
  • Junk yards: In formerly industrial sections of New York City, junk yards are ubiquitous and a likely location of sloppy past practices that often resulted in releases of various motor oils and other fluids and contaminated “auto fluff.”
  • Metal plating facility properties: This seemingly more sophisticated industrial operation is the source of much contamination in and around current or former industrial sections of New York City and environs.

Advice To Businesses And Parties In Commercial Property Transactions

Real estate transactions involving polluted land can be great opportunities for new owners who see a promising investment but must face the possibility if not likelihood of extensive investigation and cleanup arising from the above activities and similar ones. It is important to have an experienced environmental law attorney review terms of a sale, including how costs of cleanup will be allocated between a buyer and seller.

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