Reducing Environmental Risk

Helping You Understand Brownfields Development Issues

With a hand in the development of New York’s 2003 Brownfield Cleanup Act, and as a member of the New York State Bar Association’s task force commenting on proposed changes to the 2008 and 2015 amendments, attorney James J. Periconi can provide keen insight into the wealth of potential development opportunities created by this law, as well as the limitations of the amendments on the benefits of this program. Periconi, LLC, helps clients obtain similar benefits even when their properties are not eligible for the program created by this statute. The firm assists corporate clients and real estate developers in obtaining approvals from the state under New York’s Brownfield Cleanup Act and under other programs to explore possible redevelopment of contaminated sites. For experienced assistance in applying for redevelopment permits at contaminated sites, contact the lawyers of Periconi, LLC, today.

Redeveloping Mildly Contaminated Properties

In cases of New York properties that hold mild to moderate contamination levels, banking institutions have traditionally refused to loan money to fund cleanup and redevelopment initiatives; the risks involved were simply too high for these commercial institutions to absorb. The Brownfield Cleanup Act is one of several mechanisms that minimize and limits the risks involved in financing the purchase and cleanup of (in the course of redeveloping) properties mildly contaminated with hazardous substances or petroleum. Developers may be able to obtain tax credits to clean up such properties as well as, in appropriate cases, the development of polluted sites, which include current or former warehouses, vehicle repair shops, strip malls, shopping malls and abandoned gas station operations. The Brownfield Cleanup Act and other legal mechanisms available through creative lawyering shield developers from the liability associated with exposing buried sources of soil and groundwater contamination.

Environmental Quality Review

Turning polluted sites into office buildings, playgrounds, and other productive uses also requires creativity, resources and a painstakingly thorough environmental quality review. The dedicated attorneys of Periconi, LLC, are committed to helping businesses turn their creative ideas into practical, effective solutions.

Assisting Businesses In Cleanup and Redevelopment Efforts At Contaminated Sites

To take full advantage of the redevelopment opportunities made possible by a variety of legal mechanisms, including the New York Brownfield Cleanup Act and the city’s similar program, contact the environmental law attorneys of Periconi, LLC, today. Call us at 646-733-4487.