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A Boutique Environmental Law Firm

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Periconi, LLC, is a boutique environmental law firm based in Manhattan. With experience of more than 40 years, Periconi, LLC, is prepared to represent clients in any complex matter of environmental law.

Combining a broad knowledge base in environmental law with a thorough familiarity with the agencies and programs that regulate businesses, Periconi, LLC, has earned a reputation for being one of the leading boutique environmental law firms in New York City.

A Talented Team Of Accomplished Attorneys

James J. Periconi and his team work tirelessly in pursuit of creative and practical solutions that benefit business, community and environment. For information about Mr. Periconi’s background and qualifications, follow the link below:

Assess And Minimize Environmental Risk When Acquiring Real Estate

The experienced lawyers of Periconi, LLC, assist real estate and other business clients in assessing and minimizing environmental risks when acquiring properties, by overcoming real and perceived obstacles to a profitable deal. Successful real estate developers want to make deals happen, and sleep better at night doing so, especially in today’s heated real estate market. We relieve real estate investors and developers, and other businesses, of headaches in analyzing complicated environmental risks and figuring out how to minimize them.

From recovering the costs of environmental cleanups to representing parties involved in environmentally challenging business and real estate dealings, Periconi, LLC, has the experience and resources needed to successfully resolve the matter, whatever the complexity. For skilled representation in environmental law matters, contact Periconi, LLC, to schedule a consultation.

Legal Counsel Covering Complex Environmental Issues Affecting Businesses

The qualified attorneys of Periconi, LLC, have been practicing in the area of environmental law for decades. They have gained field experience working with a number of state and local government agencies at positions of all levels, developing an exceptional understanding of the interactions between business and regulatory agencies, including the federal Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

As a former prosecutor from the New York County district attorney’s office as well as a civil and criminal enforcement attorney at the New York state attorney general’s Environmental Protection Bureau, the firm’s founding attorney James J. Periconi brings a unique perspective to environmental criminal, as well as civil and administrative, defense law. Mr. Periconi was also chief of hazardous waste enforcement for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, federal judicial Special Master and chair of the Environmental Law Section of the New York State Bar Association, as well as present at the very beginnings of modern environmental law. With this background, Periconi, LLC, has the broad perspective and three-dimensional approach that is needed to best resolve environmental law problems.

A Full Range Of Environmental Law Services For Business And Corporate Clients

The services we provide include:

Periconi, LLC, is dedicated to helping business clients make smart business decisions, as well as smart legal decisions. To this end, the firm works toward solutions through the most effective avenues. In some cases, a quick settlement may save hundreds of thousands of dollars. In others, aggressive litigation may be the only way to achieve a favorable outcome. At Periconi, LLC, protecting the interests of corporations, small businesses, developers and individual investors takes top priority.

To inquire further into retaining the services of Periconi, LLC, contact the firm by email or call 646-733-4487 to arrange a consultation regarding any business-related environmental matter.