Reducing Environmental Risk

Skilled Criminal Environmental Defense

As a former assistant New York attorney general prosecuting environmental crimes, as well as an assistant New York County (Manhattan) district attorney, attorney James J. Periconi understands the importance of building facts-based criminal defense cases, aggressively challenging the evidence and scrutinizing the grounds for search warrants executed and statements taken. The experienced New York criminal environmental defense attorneys at Periconi, LLC, vigorously protect the interests of their corporate clients. Where necessary, they work to prevent government and regulatory agencies from overstepping their bounds. If your business or corporation has come under scrutiny or investigation for its environmental practices, contact Periconi, LLC, for a consultation.

The Harsh Punishments For Environmental Violations

When the government alleges a knowing or even unknowing violation of environmental permits or procedures, the threat of severe fines and criminal penalties can be very real. When a corporation is accused of dumping hazardous waste with standard garbage, releasing contaminated wastewater into fresh water sources, or exposing employees to toxic spray paint fumes and chemical residues, the environmental defense attorneys of Periconi, LLC, provide an effective defense to an agency’s claims. Periconi, LLC, also assists corporations in conducting internal investigations into corporate environmental compliance, working to separate the wrongful actions of individuals from the actions of the company as a whole.

Businesses submitting an application for an environmental permit may be accused of offering a false instrument for filing. If a company’s inventory records seem to contradict their permit allowances, Periconi, LLC, can present effective defenses. The attorneys of Periconi, LLC, have successfully defended the handling of Freon gas by an air conditioning repair company, for example, and have effectively countered charges involving the use of spray paint in the workplace.

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