Periconi, LLC • Litigating to recover costs from liable parties and insurance companies on behalf of commercial property owners

Periconi, LLC provides experienced representation for business and commercial property owners facing the expensive and difficult task of cleaning up petroleum contamination. Oil spills and gasoline leaks pose significant danger to New York's environment, with serious potential health risks arising from soil and groundwater contamination. These include soil gas vapors that are now of greatest concern to the New York State Health, and Environmental Conservation, Departments. The attorneys of Periconi, LLC work to limit the financial burden on owners and operators of commercial property. For experienced representation in any matter involving an oil or gas spill or leak, contact the environmental lawyers of Periconi, LLC.

Periconi, LLC represents clients facing liability for oil & gasoline spills due to:

  • Corroded underground storage tanks, including leaky piping
  • Heating system repairs
  • Fuel tank overfills
  • Spillage during commercial delivery

Because of the urgency involved in conducting an immediate cleanup effort, the New York Environmental Protection and Spill Compensation Fund (also known as the Oil Spill Fund) often provides funds to cover initial cleanup costs for a New York oil and gasoline spill. This money is not a grant. The responsible party must reimburse all funds applied toward cleaning up the spill. Owners of commercial properties and apartment buildings often have insurance that may cover all or a portion of the cleanup expenses, but individual homeowners' policies typically do not cover cleanup of petroleum spills on the insured's property, though they sometimes do on off-site impacted properties. Oil or gas spills that involve insurance policies almost always go to litigation. The litigators of Periconi, LLC aggressively represent their clients in court on these matters.

If an oil spill or gas leak has been caused by an oil supply or heating system repair company or other third party, Periconi, LLC will work to hold that party responsible in a cost recovery action or contribution action.

To retain experienced legal representation for a business facing the cleanup of a New York oil and gasoline spill, contact Periconi, LLC for a consultation.