Reducing Environmental Risk

Representing Business Clients Facing Major Cleanups Due To Environmental Contamination

Due to their very nature, underground storage tanks are very difficult to monitor and maintain. Over months, years and even decades underground, these containers at manufacturing facilities, commercial properties and gas stations succumb to rust and corrosion and can leak, thereby threatening New York’s water supply. If your business is faced with the removal and cleanup of environmental contamination caused by a leaking underground storage tank, do not hesitate to seek legal representation by Periconi, LLC.

Requirements Regarding Underground Storage Tanks

There are a number of measures that can be taken to ensure an underground storage tank is not causing oil or gas leaks. Tank tightness tests, pressure testing, and soil testing can determine whether an underground tank has leaked petroleum, or may be at risk for a spill. In many cases, full-scale removal of an underground storage tank and surrounding soil may be the best way to prevent pollution from significant escape into the environment.

If a leaking underground storage tank is not revealed as a matter of environmental due diligence during the course of a commercial property sale, sellers may find themselves involved in a future cost recovery action, an attempt by the purchaser to recoup the losses involved in an expensive cleanup. At Periconi, LLC, the attorneys have the high level of experience needed to efficiently litigate or otherwise resolve any cost recovery action. The costs of bringing such litigation can be recovered from the culpable parties under certain circumstances. Sensitive to serving the best interests of their business clientele, they provide smart business advice, knowing when to litigate and when to settle.

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