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Fogel & Brown, P.C. collaborate and enter mutual of counsel arrangement

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2020 | Press Releases

We at Periconi, LLC are very pleased to announce that effective October 23, 2020, we have formed a reciprocal “of counsel” relationship between the firm and New York City, Syracuse and Monticello-based Fogel & Brown, P.C.

Fogel & Brown, P.C. has a strong and varied environmental law practice that has many similarities to the practice of Periconi, LLC, for example, in the environmental component of commercial property transactions and brownfield development, but it has additional strengths of land use, zoning and development, mining, energy, real property tax certiorari and eminent domain and litigation. There are four shareholders and five associates or of counsels.

Periconi, LLC principal James Periconi declared: “We are thrilled to have found a very congenial group of skilled, smart, hard-working lawyers with which to associate. Even before we signed a formal agreement, we began working on a couple of matters. The conversations left me feeling that I’d worked with these attorneys for years, that we analyzed legal problems in the same way, but had different experiences to share with each other and enrich the analysis, resulting in a sharper strategy for our clients. And their litigation capabilities are impressive, allowing me to take on new matters that I might have been reluctant to take on in the past.”

George Duke, of Fogel & Brown, P.C., added: “We are honored and delighted to be working with James Periconi. His measured, intelligent and effective approach to analyzing complicated legal issues perfectly complements our own. Our association with James Periconi and his vast environmental experience in and contributions to environmental law in New York immediately elevates our firm’s abilities and reputation. More importantly for our clients, it expands our ability to continue resolving complex environmental issues for our clients in a cost-effective manner by drawing upon a wealth of environmental legal knowledge and experience.”

Each firm will maintain their existing offices, offering expanded opportunities for client conferences and meetings.



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