Reducing Environmental Risk

Environmental protection tips for your construction project

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2023 | Environmental Due Diligence

Construction is a booming industry. However, despite most developers labeling their construction projects as “green,” the impact of any construction project on the environment cannot be overlooked. This explains why federal and state governments have put regulations in place to ensure environmental protection during construction projects

Environmentally-friendly solutions not only protect your business from problems with the law, but they are also beneficial to your brand and bottom line. Here are a few tips that can help you protect the environment while undertaking your construction project:

Minimizing waste

Construction projects are typically characterized by large amounts of waste materials. However, you can look for ways to minimize what goes to the landfill during the construction project. To achieve this, you may consider improving the efficiency of your operations while adopting wastage-reducing products and technologies. Remember, every little bit can go a long way toward minimizing wastage. 

Adopting efficient use of energy

This is pretty straightforward. Consider using energy-efficient machinery and construction materials and products. A great starting point would be referring to the Energy Star Program as your guide. 

Still on energy efficiency, consider using products that reduce your carbon footprint. An example of this would be the use of an inflatable bladder dam for your dewatering applications. 

Protecting natural resources

It’s crucial that you minimize interference with plant and animal habitats as well as water resources while undertaking your project. Remember that your goal is to complete your construction project with the highest quality, on time and with the least impact on the local ecology and biodiversity. 

Protecting the environment and your bottom line

Construction projects can have significant disruptions to the environment. Learning more about regulatory compliance can help complete your project without expensive and time-consuming violations. 



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