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Understanding the safe use, storage and disposal of pesticides 

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Pesticides are chemical substances meant to reduce pests, such as rodents, fungi and insects that intend to destroy crops. Thousands of different kinds of pesticides are used all over the world. 

Pesticide use is normal in the agricultural and landscaping industries, but the benefits also come with many risks. Improper use, storage and disposal of pesticides can cause air, water and ground pollution, climate change and environmental destruction. When it comes to running an agricultural business, owners must understand safety regulations. Here’s what you should know:

Safe use 

While pesticides are primarily used to reduce pest infestations, pesticides are extremely harmful to livestock, wildlife and people. Because of the risk of pesticide exposure, possibly the best solution to reduce exposure is by reducing pesticide use entirely. However, many businesses don’t have that option. Therefore, it’s important that pesticide instructions and warnings are carefully read before they are used. 

For example, it’s important to keep children, pets and pregnant women away from places that have been treated with pesticides. It can also help to sanitize equipment, clothing and food after using pesticides. 

Safe storage 

When storing pesticides, it’s important to place them away from food and water supplies. If a container breaks or deteriorates, then there could be extreme risks to the environment. Likewise, pesticides should be stored in secure areas, away from children and animals. 

Safe disposal

Businesses should be aware of just how much pesticides are necessary for a season. Pesticide disposal should be avoided when possible. If it’s not possible to safely use excess pesticides, then businesses should follow disposal instructions. This may mean reaching out to a waste management department that can safely collect and dispose of the chemicals.

Pesticide use is an extremely delicate matter. Laws on how pesticides are used and handled change every year. It may help to reach out for legal help to understand how businesses are responsible for environmental safety. 



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